The UNCL/CATAC and Carp trafficking by SUBSURFACE

The UNCL/CATAC and Carp trafficking.


The serious, and hugely worrying issue of carp trafficking is something that often gets very little mainstream media attention as it is a delicate area and one the industry appears it would often rather ignore. Notwithstanding that, drawing attention to the thousands of carp that are illegally stolen from public lakes and rivers throughout France, and further afield is something we here at Subsurface feel anglers in the UK should be made very aware of.

Not only are French anglers having their rivers and public venues bled dry to stock often horrendously over-stocked English run commercial and private venues, which in itself is a shameful state of affairs, but those fish that have to suffer the horrific conditions to be illegally transported back to the UK are suffering huge trauma, damage and often death through being squashed into small spaces to allow transportation of large numbers of fish and greater pay-offs. Added to that, and especially in the age of regular flooding it now appears we live in, these illegal imports are often carriers for the likes of SVC and other potentially catastrophic diseases and pose a massive risk to our homegrown stocks and heritage.

CEFAS and UNCL actively working to curb this scourge.

CEFAS and UNCL actively working to curb this scourge.

The UNCL is a French organisation that aims to promote the interests of ordinary carp anglers, clubs and associations and to protect the aquatic environments of the public waters, as well as working in a consultative capacity with the federations that run French public fishing. The following introduction to the work CATAC does in France has been written by the English speaking liaison for the UNCL and their undercover anti-trafficking section, the CATAC. It makes for very interesting reading, and is something we should all be aware of and doing everything we can towards stopping, through raising awareness, or making better choices about where we angle. Behind the scenes there are people working tirelessly to bring these injustices and exploitations down, a little exposure is the very least we can offer and we hope to continue to bring light to their work on these issues in the future.

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